How do I get there? 

By plane

The nearest airports in the area of

Vera Playa are:

Almería Airport (75 km to Vera Playa)

Murcia Airport Corvera (140 km to Vera Playa)

Alicante Airport (200 km to Vera Playa)


Who is flying there?

By car

Vera Playa is accesable by highroad to Vera centre

From the Almería airport it takes about 1 hour to Vera Playa.

From Murcia (Corvera) about 1½ uur, and from Alicante 2 hours.

Casa Eden  & Casa Amable
Parque Vera 1 apt 46 + apt 37
Calle de Ciudad de Tarragona  Vera Playa

La Casa del Pescador
Bahia de Vera A3/17
Av. Tortuga Boba 5  Vera Playa

Car rental

At the airports you have the most frequent international car rental companies.

Check this in advance and make your reservation from home. They will always try to sell you an extra insurrance. This is not obligated but ask your agent at home if you need it. Read everything carefully!

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